Process Technologies

An overview of some of the technologies we have been working on at our factories and at the Suzhou Technology Center (STC).



Using a two-stage screen printing process, Print-on-Print has been proven to produce taller, thinner conductor fingers that improve cell efficiency by reducing shadowing and enabling greater current collection.  Repeatable, accurate, fine line printing with no misalignment between print passes is key to producing tall, narrow conductors with excellent uniformity. ASM AE’s decades of material deposition expertise and our superbly accurate screens and metallization platforms make high volume, Print-on-Print processes a reality.


Dual Print

Dual Print is a cell metallization technique that is emerging as one of the most effective methods by which to raise cell efficiency. The process utilizes an initial single print with a fine mesh screen to print the busbars, followed by a secondary print with a precision stencil to print the collector fingers.  Printing the fingers with a stencil results in high aspect ratio narrow lines (40 µm) that reduce shadowing losses and raise cell efficiency. ASM AE’s technology offer – from the Eclipse high throughput metallization platform to precision screens to VectorGuard Fine Line Stencils™ -- is enabling the next generation of dual print technology.


Suzhou Technology Center (STC)

At ASM Alternative Energy we are continually innovating to meet the industry’s technical challenges and future opportunities. This philosophy is at the heart of the Suzhou Technology Center (STC).