Technical Specifications for the HouYi Metallization line


Throughput 1450 wafers per hour (wph) throughput
Process Alignment Capability 2 CpK @ +/- 12.5μm
Breakage Rate < 0.3%
Screen Size 380mm x 380mm x 25mm thick
380mm x 400mm x 25mm thick
355mm x 355mm with optional adaptor 
Wafer Size 125mm x 125mm +/- 1.0mm 
156mm x 156mm  +/- 1.0mm 
(other sizes optional)
Squeegees 50°, 60° or 75° trailing edge or diamond, with flood bar
 Line Solution Unloader, Flipper, Buffer, IR or Convection Dryer
 Options  Print Inspection station