SolarWIS Platform - Wafer Sorter and Inspection

Eliminating the opportunity for problematic wafers to enter cell manufacturing lines greatly improves output and yield. ASM AE’s wafer sorter features 3D area inspection capability to inspect wafer thickness, total thickness variation (TTV), saw marks, as well as wafer bow and warpage. SolarWIS also includes modules that can inspect for stain, geometry, micro-cracks, edge chips, resistivity, P or N conductivity and lifetime.

Production Benefits of using SolarWIS

  • Improves output and yield by preventing faulty wafers from entering cell manufacturing lines
  • 3D inspection capability offers inspection of various wafer conditions
  • Modular, enabling various configurations for specific manufacturing requirements
  • Improves ROI for manufacturers migrating from manual to automatic sorting
  • Highly flexible with multiple sorting options – by points, lines or area