Solar Blade Platform - Automatic Scribe & Break Machine

ASM AE’s SolarBlade technology utilizes a robust laser mechanism to enable mass production of half-cells in a highly accurate and high throughput technique to deliver excellent yields. The automatic optical alignment system offers excellent centerline accuracy and geometric repeatability and is a key enabler of next-generation half-cells techniques. Half-cell solar modules have been shown to achieve higher output due to lower I2R losses and ASM AE SolarBlade technology helps facilitate these improvements.

Specification of the Solar Blade Platform

  • Automatic Scribe & Break into ½ (half Cell Modules)
  • IR Fiber Laser
  • Automatic Vision Alignment
  • Center Line:+/-150um*
  • Angular < 0.12deg*
  • WPH:2400 Pcs ½ Cells/hr.
  • Input = 4 个 x 150 Full Cells
  • Output = 8 个 x 150 ½ Cells
  • Cell Breakages《0.05% Yield》99.5%