A technology legacy - 4 decades plus of innovation

Our comprehensive expertise has taken us from industrial screen printing to sophisticated solar cell applications.

  • 1968  -  Starting in 1968 by developing products for industrial screen printing
  • 1972  -  Hybrid Thick Film manufacturing process launched
  • 1977  -  The first Solar printing platform was released by DEK
  • 1983  -  Surface Mount Technologies were realised using the DEK 265 platform, which quickly set the industry standard for printing
  • 1998  -  The launch of the DEK Horizon Platform series, which enabled mass production of semiconductor technologies
  • 2004  -  Fuel Cells started to be produced using the DEK Europa plaform whilst the technology was still in an early state of development
  • 2008  -  DEK's first photovoltaic platform, the PV1200 was launched to the market, winning awards for its throughput and cost-effectiveness
  • 2010  -  DEK innovations continue to lead the SMT industry with award winning ProActiv systems bulding on already proven process solutions
  • 2011  -  Stencil coating technology developed to improve on existing processes, enabling customers of any platform to make significant cost savings, whilst improving throughput
  • 2012  -  Bilding on its initial platform for Solar, DEK introduced the leading solution for photovoltaics, the Eclipse high-throughput platform
  • 2013  -  Introducing a small-footprint, future-proofed metallization platform, Apollo offers today’s solar cell manufacturers unsurpassed quality, precision and yield levels with exceptionally low cost of ownership.
  • 2014  -  The new HouYi platform optimises reliable metallization performance.  A new squeegee mechanism supports both trailing and diamond blade designs, delivering proven print quality over many thousands of prints

We have played a pivotal role in the development of high speed, high accuracy, highly repeatable SMT assembly equipment and processes. The transition from hardware provider to process enabler is continuous and includes new solutions for semi-conductor packaging, fuel cells and photovoltaics.