Continued commitment to innovation

Our Development Engineers’ continued commitment to innovation means that we will never rest in our quest to pioneer unprecedented advances in photovoltaics – boosting production speed, throughput and precision for an even brighter tomorrow. Commitment to developing innovative technologies is frequently acknowledged by our industry in the Awards we have achieved.

  • 2015 - Solar Industry Award
    ASM Alternative Energy received the Solar Award for Excellence (Product) with the VCM Printing Technology, which allows for high throughput on single and dual in the print solar cell metallization processes.
  • 2015 - Terawatt Diamond Award
    At the International Photovoltaic Power Generation Conference (SNEC) in Shanghai, the 4,000 wph Eclipse metallization platform was chosen by organisers as one of the Top 10 Highlights of the show.
  • 2014 - Equipment Supplier Award for Innovation
    World Solar Congress participants recognised our work on some of the most meaningful developments in solar cell metallizaton.
  • 2014 - Excellence in Innovation Award
    Awarded at the EU PVSEC in 2014 and voted by members fo the public. The Eclipse was recognised for its significant developments in metallization technology and the manufacturing process.
  • 2014 - Gigawatt Gold Award
    At the International Photovoltaic Power Generation Conference (SNEC) in Shanghai, the Apollo was recognised for its impact on high cell efficiency and low cost production.
  • 2013 - Photovoltaic Equipment Innovation Award
    The China International Photovoltaic (PV) Industry Innovation Technology Conference in Beijing, adjudicated by PV media and PV associations, awarded the Apollo and Eclipse metallization platforms, including the Fine Line Stencil technology.
  • 2013 - Excellent Supplier Award
    Awarded at CREIA's China PV Industry Development Forum in Beijing, for both the Eclipse and Apollo metallization platforms, in addition to its significant contributions to advancing modern solar technology through efficiency-enhancing printing processes.
  • 2013 - Solar Industry Award
    The Apollo integrated cell manufacturing metallization platform won this year’s Solar Industry Award in the PV Tool category.
  • 2011 - Solar Industry Award
    The Eclipse metallization platform was recognised for its ability to improve yield management in PV manufacturing.
  • 2010 - Global Technology Award
    The award was given for ongoing innovation commitment on the PV3000 at SMTA International in Orlando. A team of international judges views the platform as "Best in the world".
  • 2010 - Solar Industry Award
    The newly released PV3000 was awarded for Technical Excellence.
  • 2010 - IPC Innovative Technology Accreditation
    The panel of industry experts awarded the PVP1200 for representing an emerging technology or innovation.
  • 2009 - EM Asia Innovation Award
    During Nepcon Shanghai, the PVP1200 platform was awarded again.
  • 2009 - Solar Industry Award
    Awarded at the EU PVSEC in 2009 and voted by members of the public. The PVP1200 was awarded best-in-class within the PV Process Equipment Category